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An Iconic Adventurer

Getting To Know Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold was unknown just a few years back. But his exploits have made him a household name today. The extent of his fame is such that even children looking for prototype living heroes place his name right on top of their lists. Up-front He seems to have all the assets a true-grit hero should have. He is fearless, completely dedicated, ever smiling and has never allowed the intense adulation of a massive mass following affect his innate simplicity. His sense of humor is immaculate and he keeps his life uncluttered and unobtrusive. He is a fine narrator who is in love with his dangerous work and can hold the attention of large, excitable young audiences, for hours on end with his spell binding narrations and anecdotes. The title of being the best Rock Climber in the world sits lightly on his broad shoulders, as he approaches each eventful day with the same prayerful dedication. He has conquered feats in the adventure space all over the world. Including expeditions in England sponsored by UK dating startup meet and fuck app. From partnering with online dating platforms to more expected sponsors, he doesn’t discriminate as long as he is able to continue to pursue his lofty adventure goals. These are some examples of his world wide adventures, but he is renowned for some specific achievements.

Legendary Achievements

When Alex Honnold was only 21 years old, in 2007, he did the Free-Riding in Yosemite Valley in just one day. This event was possibly his first big achievement. He has been spending his last 14 years living in his travelling van and focusing on Rock Climbing only. He has been chasing the weather and following some of the greatest Rock climbs in the world. He was awarded the Golden Piton for his achievements in 2010. Then in 2012 he made the solo ascent of the regular Northwest face of Half Dome, in just 1 hour and 22 minutes. His most extraordinary feat came in 2017, when in the Yosemite National Park, he made the fastest ever ascending of the legendary El Capitan by Free Soloing, for which he earned a Yosemite Triple Crown. In 2018 Alex was awarded the highly regarded Miriam Underhill and Robert Award, by the American Alpine Club. This was for his extraordinary breadth of capacity and experience in all aspects of Rock Climbing. The memoir “Alone in the World’s author (with David Roberts) in 2017, he is the protagonist of “Free Solo” the biographical documentary in 2018, which has not only won a BAFTA, but also now an Oscar /Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Free Soloing

It is important to explain “Free Soloing” here. It is this that sets apart the best from the rest. It consists of climbing sheer rock faces without a single mountaineering tool, and without even a Safety Rope to catch the mountaineer’s fall, should the climber slip, meaning, one slip and its Death with a capital “D”. To top it, it is done alone, without a team of associates, or even with a single partner. It is completely SOLO. Meaning, in trouble, you are all you’ve got! These plain, polished, naturally weathered rock faces or even walls of skyscrapers are always chosen to be at heights that would surely result in a fatality should the climber slip, so a moment’s accident can be fatal. There is no scope for rest midway, and climbs have to be completed generally within the same day, preferably while the sun is still up. And Alex Honnold just happens to be the finest ever in this game.

Early Life

Alex Honnold was born on August 17th, 1985, in California, Sacramento. He is the son of mother Dierdre Wolonick and father Charles Forrest Hollond. His fatherly roots are Germanic and motherly roots are Polish. At the age of 5, he began climbing early, in a climbing gym,. And by the age of 10 he was already an accomplished climber at the gym. As a teenager, he took part in several international and national youth climbing championships.


As part of the International Baccalaureate Program, Alex graduated from Mira Loma High School, in 2003. Further, he commenced to study Civil engineering at Berkeley, the University of California. But personal disasters in his first year itself forced him to discontinue his studies. His maternal grand dad died and his parents separated.

Personal Life

Personal pressures mounted and the introverted student began skipping the classes at Indian Rock to boulder by himself. Picking up his Mother’s old mini-van he began travelling around to find the most attractive rock faces, and visit his girlfriend. He still lives with his girlfriend Sanni McCandless. She is a Life Coach and she plays a big part in the life of Alex Honnold. Their love story is shown explicitly in the prize winning film Free Solo.

A Rock Climbing Great

The extent of Alex Honnold’s achievement can be measured by the fact that it took a German team of professional climbers, four days to climb El Capitan with ropes. Alex Honnold did it, without ropes, in 3 hours and 56 minutes. And this answers the question — Who is Alex Honnold?

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Looking For Outdoor Equipment Online?

What are the important outdoor equipment for activity and how you can buy online?

The outdoor activity denotes to out-of-door entertainment, usually in natural sites. These activities include:

  • Horse riding
  • Skiing
  • Sailing
  • Motorboating
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Sky diving
  • Running
  • Mountaineering
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing

The purpose of outdoor recreation is generally for enjoyment, health benefits, taking challenges and an opportunity to connect with nature. These activities are not done only by professional sports players although it can be done by anybody. Whenever the activities involve special excitement, mental and physical challenges with some risk, it is said to be an adventure recreation. Outdoor activities include different activities many are considered sports where the contestants do not need to link with teams. These kinds of activities meet you with your physical as well as mental strength. They are also followed for the reason to find peace in nature and relax your mind with enjoying life. They are also a good way for an educational basis. One can know more about nature by doing outdoor recreation.

If you are like many people these days you spend a lot of time at home on the computer. Even if you are getting ready to experience the great outdoors you will have get to spend some time on the computer. You won’t necessarily be browsing free sex apps or fuckbook, but you will be on different websites and apps getting what you need. When you are going for any outdoor activity then it is necessary to take all the important equipment with yourself. You can buy any equipment through the market as well as from online stores also. There are several websites exists who offers you to buy any outdoor equipment from there. This online store includes equipment for all different outdoor activities. Outdoor camping is popular among most of the individuals around the world. It is one of the most exciting activities which gives so many benefits to your body and mind. Spending time with nature brings you more closely to yourself and gives peace to your mind. When you are going for outdoor activities like camping and hiking etc. then you must carry all these equipment along with you.

sleeping bags online
  • If you are going for outdoor activity in the winter season then it is essential to take a sleeping bag with you. These bags are available in various sizes and materials. You can choose the right one according to your physique and comfort. By the way, it is necessary for every season but in winter it helps you to prevent from cold and keep your body warm.
buying tents online
  • When you are going to the forest for activity then it is necessary to take a tent with you. The tent gives you shelter in the open forest area which keeps you safe and comfortable. Online stores offer different sizes of tents where you can find the best option. It comes in different sizes for two peoples or four peoples. It is better to purchase a large size tent so that your group can stay in the same tent.
best camping flashlights
  • At night the forest fills with the darkness, so if you are staying there after evening it is must to carry a flashlight with you. Make sure what the flashlight you are purchasing should be of good quality. Try to purchase that flashlight whose batteries can be charged with sunlight also have a DC charging point.
  • There is a kit that carries a lot of different tools in just one is known as multi-tool. This single kit includes all the important equipment like a sharp knife, scissors, pliers and screwdrivers etc. Always purchase good quality multi-tool which comes in handy.
  • Something which is most important for your health is the First Aid Kit. You must carry this kit along with yourself however you are going for any outdoor activity. Prepare a list of all important medicines and ointments; take all these in your medical kit.
  • The backpack is the other essential thing that you should purchase before going for outdoor activity. It should be light and sturdy which can keep a lot of things inside it without its own weight. The backpack should be that kind which lets you carry several miles. It must be comfortable after wearing it for a long period of time.
  • The important equipment for outdoor activity is a good pair of boots. Always buy only those boots which give you comfort in going a long way. They should have the capability to dry fast after they get wet, fit you nicely to ignore any kind of swellings during the walk. In clothing get trousers and shirts that defend your skin from the insects and sun tanning. Also, carry caps and gloves along with you.

Outdoor activities give you a lot of fun, adventure, knowledge and enjoyment with lots of health and social benefits. These activities also tell you about the team spirit. It teaches you to cooperate with others and helps you in social bonding. It develops skills to take a risk and improves tolerance power and stamina to live in difficulties. Outdoor activities also help in the economic improvement of a country.

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Experiencing The Great Outdoors

There are a lot of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. You can reap a lot of benefits from outdoor activities and the major being improving physical and mental health. Apart from this, outdoor activity can also help in nurturing the emotional health of the person. These activities can help in developing and improving self-sufficiency and they are best for kids.

Mainly outdoor activities help in building team spirit and skills required to work as a team. So take a break from the hookup websites and consider getting outdoors or take your date from that adult dating site and experience the outdoors together. Activities like rock climbing and hiking can also build physical stamina. Fishing can be one more outdoor activity which is fun and tests your patience. All kinds of social activities like camping can improve social skills and teach you to connect with nature and other people. These activities can also be relaxing and they take you away from this busy life. Tolerance power, stamina, and improving capabilities are some of the benefits of indulging in outdoor activities.


Camping is one of the recreational activities that are done outdoors. Camping can be relaxing since it is usually done away from town or cities and it is done in the lap of nature. You can enjoy the fresh air and wildlife as well. You can arrange a tent or you can also live in some caravan. If you are not sure about tents, then you should choose camper-van or some motor-home which is safer. This is one of the outdoor activities where you live at the mercy of Mother Nature.

The best part is camping need not be just sitting in a tent but you can rather plan for many activities when you go on camping. Camping can be started with trekking and it can end with fishing. Camping can be just an individual pursuit or you can join your friends and family for more fun. Unlike other outdoor activities, camping is suitable for people of all ages.


Fishing is great fun and one of the best outdoor activities which can be enjoyed by everyone. Only thing is, you should learn certain skills for fishing. More than that, you should be reachable to water resource where you can perform this activity. Unlike camping, fishing can’t be planned suddenly since water resource is the first thing that you should think of here. But, if you try fishing once, you will not stop it. Fishing is very addictive and it can give utmost pleasure. Kids will love fishing when they actually catch a fish. So, you can add fishing to your outdoor activities.


Hiking is one of the outdoor activities which belong to the category of moderate difficulty. Here, the hiker should walk a long distance and ready for adventures. The duration of hiking may vary from half-day to full day. It can take for many days as well and that depends on the place of hiking chosen by the hiker. Hiking and trekking are similar but the difference lies in the number of days spent on the activity. Hiking is generally used for small outdoor programs and hiking is referred to long hiking programs.

Rock Climbing

In rock climbing, people climb up, across, and down natural rock formations. These days, rock climbing is also performed with artificial rocks as well. This activity demands high stamina.

This is a list of best outdoor activities that bring fun, improve your stamina, and benefit for your emotional health as well. –

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There are 61 Unite States National Parks. They attract more than 300 Million Visitors a year. For over 100 years now the US national Park Service has selflessly managed several millions of acres of park land, just so that Visitors from all over the world can wonder at the speechless natural beauty of this Country. In this article some of the National Parks in The US Worth Visiting are reviewed.

Must Visit Parks

Some of the National Parks in The US Worth Visiting are as follows:

  • Yellowstone National Park: In all the National Parks in the world, Yellowstone will always come first because of the many distinctions it holds. It is the world’s first National Park. There are numerous lakes, mountains and valleys filled with extraordinary wildlife like giant buffaloes (also called Bison). The 2.2 million acre park is unique in its natural attractions, such as, it’s beautiful Geysers and Hot Springs. Deep green forests line light green Rolling Meadows; volatile geysers rocket streams of steaming water towards the sky. In-fact when the scout John Colter first described Yellowstone, in 1807, to his employers Lewis and Clark, it was thought he was bluffing. There are 3000 plus square miles of mountains and canyons, dotted with the wild buffalo, elk and even grizzly bears.
  • Grand Canyon: The breathtaking view of the Colorado River carving its way through the 18 mile by 277 mile Grand Canyon, has to be seen to believe. This is a Hiker’s paradise, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can even raft the Colorado River. There is also the deep blue waters of the heavenly Havasu Falls, which should be visited. It took 6 million years for the Colorado River to create the Grand Canyon, and Visitors surely have a few hours to watch this breathtaking wonder of nature.
  • Grand Teton National Park: The Grand Teton Mountain Range rears its jagged snow-capped peaks amidst more than 200 miles of trails that meander through lake-sides and prairies. This park has topography that is unforgettable.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: This Park is conveniently located just 70 miles north of the city of Denver. This could be easily a day trip for some Visitors, but the extraordinary landscape of the Rockies invites nature lovers to spend far more time here than just the one day. There are 77 mountain peaks taller than 12000 ft in this area and over 150 lakes. 355 miles of picturesque trails takes one through a spectacular Alpine view. At 265,000 acres, this Park is magical.
  • Glacier National Park: This Park is on the border of the US and Canada. It sits at the headwaters of all the streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Hudson Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It has more than 700 lakes, 100s of waterfalls, two massive mountain ranges and more than one million acres of forest deeply tenanted by wildlife. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some trails are quite easy, like the Trail of the Cedars. But then there is the fearsome challenge of the Grinnell Glacier. The Park has a large array of the most comfortable lodges and hotels. Many of these were constructed by the great Northern Railways in the early 20th Century, and are on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Yosemite National Park: Yosemite is easily the second best of the National Parks of the US. It has a unique landscape composed of powerful waterfalls, like, the Vernal Fall and the Bridal Veil Falls. Unbelievable Granite rock formations like El Capitan and Half Dome are spellbinding. With an area of nearly 1200 square miles this Park has millennia-old Sequoia Trees and stunning cliff edges. Approximately 4 million people visit the Yosemite each year.
  • Zion National Park: In 2016, this Park saw a record-breaking 4.3 million Visitors. Up 17% from the previous year. The apricot colored Zion Canyon can be seen while wading through the Virgin River, or climbing the Angels Landing, where the view gets even more breathtaking with each bend on the river.
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The Exciting Outdoor Adventures and Destinations Present World Wide

It is always exciting for experiencing new things and go to different places like a child. But it is known that going on various adventures is too dangerous sometimes or too costly, or too demanding physically for the people. Some individuals are afraid to take dares while other are more exciting to take risks as they love adventures. You can learn about fresh places, learn new skills, and gain confidence in their capabilities. You can explore to the different parts of the world regardless of age and physical situation and go on outdoor adventures around the world. You can find exciting places from Africa to America in oceans or mountains or in surroundings which are luxurious. For each and every person there is an adventure like hiking on the mountain, decorating the louvre halls. The vacations of adventure offer wide variety of options for the modern traveler. You can go with your family or join a group of explorers. Even with more people sitting inside behind computers, Tinder shared that one of the most common dates is an outdoor excursion. You can go for a lifetime trip without your budget busting.

Some of the best outside adventure destinations in the world

The Canadian Rockies

The two mountain ranges are teeming with the wildlife which is among the river valleys with towering granite peaks. When you go for hiking or walking, you can be able to see deer, bighorn sheep, and elk etc. In the public parks, there is an availability of campsites. Most of the time, you can utilize a guide for touring this destination.

Scottish Highlands

This landscape consists of enchanted lochs, ruined castles, lonely moors, and great glens etc. This is mostly suitable for teenagers and adults. This path consists of B&B’s, hostels, and camping sites.

Jordan, Dana to Petra

This trek takes places in the Jordan desert which requires five to six hours of walking everyday with occasional descents and ascents. You will spend the time here under the stars or in the tents eating delicious food prepared by the crew of the trek. The day in Petra is a world heritage place with temples and tombs which are in the red sandstone mountain.

France – Loire valley

This is the best biking place for families with beautiful castles, chateaus, and most prominent vineyards. The tours are accessible from one location to another or around a central town. The e bikes are available and most trips are considered simple.

The territory of Yukon

Start your expedition through the new Whitehorse of Yukon river and go through thirty miles in wild life. You can fish for salmon and eat it at the night within the shorelines watching moose, beavers, and black bears.

Grand canyon’s Colorado river

You can raft through the miles of hundred in the Colorado river to experience the ancient wonders. This is the best for teenagers and adults with good physical shape. You can find the Anasazi, who is the ruins of first inhabitants.

Taos, New Mexico

The prominent area of winter skiing and most visiting rock climbing is Taos. There are surfaces and the ascents present for every skill level and with great scenery. The guides who are experts at first teach basics of climbing the cliffs of multi pitch with granite rocks. The starting freshman skills are belay, rappel methods, and basic knots.

Achen valley, Austria

It includes the instruction of cross-country skiing and loops everyday through the reserve of natural park or alphine. The people going here does need some skills of skiing and it can be done as short skit skis. Adequate of the snow, the tours do not begin.

Vieques island, Puerto Rico

To get away from the crowds the Vieques island is the best place for being quiet one. The beaches here you can find are pristine and green flora lush. You can discover an illuminating experience at this island.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

In summer and winter, this is best as the outdoor adventure. The nature present here is with snow-capped mountain peaks, finest, rolling hills, fresh air, and lush. There is a quaint town which is present between thun lake and brienz lake. From here there is a short train route for the Grindelwald ski town.

Marrakech, Morocco

This is the historical marketplace which is in morocco. Your attention is drawn by the snake charmers, story tellers, and shop keepers here while you have your foods like couscous and escargot. As your senses are tantalized, you will definitely feel that you are in another world here.

Cinque Terre, Italy

This is the national park with steep slopes which are natural and were transformed into fertile terraces for the wine cultivation. The walls of dry-stone lead to you towards various routes with Mediterranean view which is beautiful.

Venice, Italy

The Venice is like an architecture which is stunning and there are masterpieces that are artistic with great cuisine and wine. Experience the sight and sounds of carnival of Venice and walk towards the bridge called Rialto.

Jellyfish lake, Palau

One of the most beautiful paradises is jellyfish lake in Palau which is located in Philippines for about 500 miles. This is the lake where you will find jelly fish. Here the creatures lost their capability in stinging so it became easy for the people to dive or swim in the waters.

Santorini, Greece

In the Cyclades of sea Aegean has a Greek island called as Santorini. On the submerged volcano and on cliffs, the villages are constructed. The individuals who visit this place can view great sunset which is stunning.

Angkor wat, Cambodia

One of the crucial sites which is archaeological is Angkor wat present in south east Asia. It contains Angkor wat temple, Khmer empire, and temple of bayon. Go to this outstanding eye opening and jaw dropping landscape.

Singita ebony lodge, south Africa

It is located at the place of sand river where the explorers enjoy the safari adventure as well as luxury accommodation. This resort incorporates a plunge pool with 12 suites. The canvas of suites and exterior walls made of glass offers a highlight view of stars and landmark. Explore the African wild life by taking a professional tour guide with you.