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An Iconic Adventurer

Getting To Know Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold was unknown just a few years back. But his exploits have made him a household name today. The extent of his fame is such that even children looking for prototype living heroes place his name right on top of their lists. Up-front He seems to have all the assets a true-grit hero should have. He is fearless, completely dedicated, ever smiling and has never allowed the intense adulation of a massive mass following affect his innate simplicity. His sense of humor is immaculate and he keeps his life uncluttered and unobtrusive. He is a fine narrator who is in love with his dangerous work and can hold the attention of large, excitable young audiences, for hours on end with his spell binding narrations and anecdotes. The title of being the best Rock Climber in the world sits lightly on his broad shoulders, as he approaches each eventful day with the same prayerful dedication. He has conquered feats in the adventure space all over the world. Including expeditions in England sponsored by UK dating startup meet and fuck app. From partnering with online dating platforms to more expected sponsors, he doesn’t discriminate as long as he is able to continue to pursue his lofty adventure goals. These are some examples of his world wide adventures, but he is renowned for some specific achievements.

Legendary Achievements

When Alex Honnold was only 21 years old, in 2007, he did the Free-Riding in Yosemite Valley in just one day. This event was possibly his first big achievement. He has been spending his last 14 years living in his travelling van and focusing on Rock Climbing only. He has been chasing the weather and following some of the greatest Rock climbs in the world. He was awarded the Golden Piton for his achievements in 2010. Then in 2012 he made the solo ascent of the regular Northwest face of Half Dome, in just 1 hour and 22 minutes. His most extraordinary feat came in 2017, when in the Yosemite National Park, he made the fastest ever ascending of the legendary El Capitan by Free Soloing, for which he earned a Yosemite Triple Crown. In 2018 Alex was awarded the highly regarded Miriam Underhill and Robert Award, by the American Alpine Club. This was for his extraordinary breadth of capacity and experience in all aspects of Rock Climbing. The memoir “Alone in the World’s author (with David Roberts) in 2017, he is the protagonist of “Free Solo” the biographical documentary in 2018, which has not only won a BAFTA, but also now an Oscar /Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Free Soloing

It is important to explain “Free Soloing” here. It is this that sets apart the best from the rest. It consists of climbing sheer rock faces without a single mountaineering tool, and without even a Safety Rope to catch the mountaineer’s fall, should the climber slip, meaning, one slip and its Death with a capital “D”. To top it, it is done alone, without a team of associates, or even with a single partner. It is completely SOLO. Meaning, in trouble, you are all you’ve got! These plain, polished, naturally weathered rock faces or even walls of skyscrapers are always chosen to be at heights that would surely result in a fatality should the climber slip, so a moment’s accident can be fatal. There is no scope for rest midway, and climbs have to be completed generally within the same day, preferably while the sun is still up. And Alex Honnold just happens to be the finest ever in this game.

Early Life

Alex Honnold was born on August 17th, 1985, in California, Sacramento. He is the son of mother Dierdre Wolonick and father Charles Forrest Hollond. His fatherly roots are Germanic and motherly roots are Polish. At the age of 5, he began climbing early, in a climbing gym,. And by the age of 10 he was already an accomplished climber at the gym. As a teenager, he took part in several international and national youth climbing championships.


As part of the International Baccalaureate Program, Alex graduated from Mira Loma High School, in 2003. Further, he commenced to study Civil engineering at Berkeley, the University of California. But personal disasters in his first year itself forced him to discontinue his studies. His maternal grand dad died and his parents separated.

Personal Life

Personal pressures mounted and the introverted student began skipping the classes at Indian Rock to boulder by himself. Picking up his Mother’s old mini-van he began travelling around to find the most attractive rock faces, and visit his girlfriend. He still lives with his girlfriend Sanni McCandless. She is a Life Coach and she plays a big part in the life of Alex Honnold. Their love story is shown explicitly in the prize winning film Free Solo.

A Rock Climbing Great

The extent of Alex Honnold’s achievement can be measured by the fact that it took a German team of professional climbers, four days to climb El Capitan with ropes. Alex Honnold did it, without ropes, in 3 hours and 56 minutes. And this answers the question — Who is Alex Honnold?